Worship Team

God has graciously blessed Cornerstone in many ways over the years, and He continues to do so presently. These blessings include the many talented and faithful people currently involved in worship ministry and those interested in becoming part of the worship team. As God continues to expand our boundaries, we are trusting him to bring in the right people to fill all the roles needed here; Brothers and Sisters who are willing to serve behind the scenes and up front.

As worshipers, we are called to lead God’s people to His throne, and we consider certain qualities to be very important. We are looking for those who display a love for God (Psalm 31:23), who are upright in their walk with Him (Psalm 33:1), and who love to worship Him from the pew as well as the platform (Psalm 84:10). We are also looking for those who are skilled in their craft (Psalm 33:3), and those who are willing to continue learning and growing.

We would love for you to fill out the Worship Ministry Questionnaire that we have provided below, and together we can discover if this is the right ministry for you. We believe that God will raise up, for His church, the people that He wants in each of these ministries.

If you are interested in joining a worship team or for more information please fill out an interest form.