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Current Sermon Series

It is true in friendship and marriage and it is true with God: To know Him is to love Him!  What a wonderful truth that all God’s people have, that our God desires greatly that we know Him.  It is in that knowledge that we grow in awe and confidence, what the Bible calls holy fear.  And He has done that all through the bible by showing us various attributes, characteristics of Himself that are true yesterday and today and forever.  That in itself is one of His great attributes, His unchangeable nature!   Loren Cunningham started the ministry, Youth with a Mission, whose stated purpose is to ‘Know God and make Him known’.  We are going to have the privilege of taking what we learn of our God and sharing those truths with other people who need to know how great He really is.  Come join us for our summer series as we embark on a journey of discovery of our great God.