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Current Sermon Series

The church at Colossae was struggling.  It was a church started by Epaphras, a fellow missionary with Paul.  But a church started is not always a church grounded, and a journey begun is not always a journey finished.  The planted seeds of the good news of Jesus Christ had sprouted but they were wind-lashed and choked by the ever-present weeds of worldliness and false teaching.  Epaphras visited Paul in prison and shared with him the struggles of this church, and Paul wrote to help these new believers grow and become established in their faith.  We will discover how familiar this letter is to our own modern times. The same forces at work against this church are still at work against us. The same instruction that Paul gave them, is the same that we need today.  How do believers grow in their faith? How can we help each other continue on this journey and not give up, to endure until the end of our lives? Those answers will be seen in our 7-week series called The Journey.  They say ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step.’ 

We invite you to join us April 18-19 as we embark together on a journey to grow in our faith and walk more closely with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.