Current Sermon Series

Over the years, I have studied a great deal about the land of Israel and the biblical events that happened there. Yet I have never been to the land of Israel, and I know there is a massive difference between reading something in a book and experiencing it in person! In the same way, as we read and study the Old Testament, we are constantly being pointed to and given glimpses of Jesus. But when you arrive at the gospels, He is revealed to us in His glory. No more shadows or glimpses, but right there for us to see and to know and be amazed by. This is why I am so excited about our summer sermon series in the gospel of Jesus according to Luke. Luke will clearly show us Jesus, and my hope and expectation is that we will all come away more drawn to the Son of God than ever before! Welcome to the Summer in the Son series, and I encourage you to leave your (Son)block at home and instead bask in the light of Jesus, Who is the ‘radiance of the glory of God’ Hebrews 1:3.