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Tim Ackley

Lead Pastor

You clicked on my picture??  That must mean you want to find out a little about the guy that preaches a lot at this church. Well, to be honest, I'm not a very interesting guy and the more you get to know me, the more ordinary I seem, and that's the way I like it!  I've been on staff here at Cornerstone since 1996, having served as the Youth and Christian Education pastor for 10 years. Then I became the Lead Pastor in 2006. My wife Denise and I married in 1990 and have 4 great kids and I cannot imagine life without any of my fam!  I have a particular passion to take God's Word, get it to the hearts of people and help them experience freedom and transformation. What an awesome privilege it is to be part of the church, learning together to love Christ, one another and the community all around us! If you are searching for that perfect church, sorry, but you won't find it here.  What you will find however, is a church of men and women and a whole lot of young people who are learning what it means to be together in God's family, in the midst of a world desperately in need of salvation, hope and truth! I hope you visit and if you do, please find me and say hello! By the way, I'm a bit quirky! Some would say odd. I really enjoy hard rock Christian music; I sneeze usually 10-15 times in a row; and unbelievably to some, I'm a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan!!  Friend, love Jesus, know His Word, serve Him well, and stay on your knees in prayer! Be blessed!!