Children's Ministry Curriculum

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The Worship, the Word & the Way

We have chosen this online curriculum because it works well with our approach to Children’s Ministries at Cornerstone. The components of every lesson promote a relationship based, discovery oriented, and obedience focused interaction with the children each week.

The curriculum includes over 150 lessons which explore the love of God from Genesis to Revelation in a three year cycle. This allows a child who begins at age 3 or 4 to learn through these lessons 3 times at a variety of ages by the time they graduate 6th grade. The chronological order of the lessons will help children to build a framework for the entire Biblical narrative. Below is an overview of the structure for each year.

Year One God of Wonders

Part 1: Miracles of Jesus

Part 2: Genesis through Joshua

The Wonder of Advent

Year Two Kings & Kingdoms

Part 1: The Life of Jesus

Part 2: Judges through Esther

Advent of the King

Year Three Prophets & Promises

Part 1: Acts through Revelation

Part 2: Elijah through Malachi

Advent of the Promised One

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