Prayer Partners Ministry

Praying for each other

A letter of thanks and encouragement to the Prayer Partners, 


Greetings and Peace to You in our Lord Jesus Christ!

I absolutely cannot doubt the wondrous love and blessings our Lord and Savior bestow on us every time I pause to reflect on this Ministry. Thank you for participating in the Prayer Partners. 

We are committed to maintain Scriptural integrity without compromise and intentionally fulfill the purpose of the Ministry as modeled for us in Exodus 17:8-13. The passage details the multi-faceted battle the Lord’s people are involved in, but is much deeper than what appears on the surface. While Moses’ hands were raised over the Israelite army they were able to control the situation in their war with the Amalekites. If Moses tired and dropped his arms to his side the balance of power would shift to the favor of the enemy. When Moses tired, Aaron and Hur interceded by not only placing a rock under him to sit on, but they also held up Moses’ hands in order to keep Joshua and the Israelite army from defeat. Because of their support, the Israelites prevailed over the enemy. Surely it was not because of upraised arms! Rather, it was submissive hearts yielding to the Lord.

Are we not fighting the very same enemy and battles today? Does this not require the same response?

The mission of the Prayer Partner Ministry is this:

Support the Pastor with prayers that represent raised hands in order to glorify the Lord. Through effective prayer He will be victorious, regardless of when the prayer time occurs during the Saturday evening service, either Sunday morning service, or throughout the week. This is our privilege to fight for our Pastors, Board, lay leaders, missionaries, CEFC family and communities – His nation, Israel.

At the start of the year our roster decreased. Yet, despite diminished numbers their hearts and prayers increased. Praise God! We have been seeking to add to our ranks in order to extend the schedule pattern so it is not a burden on the members to be on duty too often and allow them to participate in other ministries and worship. Would you consider your role as a member of the Cornerstone family and pray as to whether this vital element of worship is something you need to be involved? I am convinced that we have continued to be blessed with dynamic, life impacting preaching because our God loves us beyond our understanding and measure, not because of our prayers. Knowing He approves of our efforts is comforting and satisfying. Peace and contentment come only by communion with God.

I pray that everyone in the Cornerstone community is blessed by the Lord with the knowledge of their great fortune in Christ through the intercessory prayer offered by the Prayer Partner Ministry. Brothers and Sisters, we are loved. We are also compelled to communicate our thanks and requests. Let His servants live to do His will and glorify the Lord.


Jim Yeisley – PPM Coordinator