Nathan Funari

Director of Ministry Engagement

Hey there! My name is Nate and my role here is called the Director of Ministry Engagement. Essentially, I work with volunteer leaders to provide support for their ministries, create pathways to get those in our church using their gifts for the Kingdom, and connect with other Christ-centered churches to find ways we can work together in our community. I’ve had the pleasure of serving here at Cornerstone since 2014.

I’m the youngest of seven born to the greatest parents one could imagine, and I’ve been blessed with 18 nieces and nephews. On June 2, 2019, I get to marry the love of my life, Sammi. We look forward with great excitement to continue serving the church together. We have a passion for children and community, which are the two areas of ministry that we currently serve.

My passion and prayer is that Cornerstone will continue to grow in its love for Jesus, one other and our community. This happens when we as individuals are committed to all three and invest in each of them appropriately. I would love to meet you and hear your story (or if you prefer, we could just talk about the latest Marvel movie). Shoot me an email or reach out to me on Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you!