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Life Groups

Get connected with others within our church

What is a Life Group?

It is a group of 3 or more people who meet together regularly and desire to learn and live out Acts 2:42-45, which is studying God’s Word, building relationships, enjoying food together, praying for one another, and caring for each other’s needs.

What happens in a Life Group?

Community forms. In Life Groups, you will grow closer to Jesus, build relationships with friends, eat some good food, pray for each other and provide for one another as your friends have needs.

When & Where do they meet?

Our groups meet all throughout the week. Some in people’s homes, some at our church campuses and some in public places in our communities. There’s really no limit to when and where groups meet.

How long do the groups meet?

Life Groups are typically two hours long (give or take). Some meet for a short season of time, and other groups have been meeting for years! It’s really up to you and your group.

Do groups take breaks?

That’s ultimately up to each individual group. Do what’s best for you! If you need a break around the holidays or vacation time, then take a short break. Just don’t get out of the rhythm of meeting. Community is essential for believers!

Are children welcome?

This varies group to group. Your group will decide its need for childcare. We’ve seen some groups pull money together to hire babysitters. We’ve also seen groups rotate themselves so that each week a different couple watches the children while the rest of the group meets.

How do I join a Life Group?

How do I become a Life Group Leader?

At Cornerstone Church, we're all about discipleship. When it comes to Life Group Leadership we hold to a discipleship method. Here's the next steps:

1) Join a Life Group.

2) Talk with your leader about learning how to lead a Life Group.

3) After you and your leader believe you are ready, reach out to your campus pastor.

Second Street Campus: Pastor Matthew Millen

March Street Campus: Pastor Tim VanSumeren or Pastor Kyle Manning

Spanish Congregation: Pastor Jonny Villamar