Kris Schetelich

Office Manager

Hi, I'm Kris! My husband, Steve and I have been part of the Cornerstone Church family for a number of years and love the people here! I serve as Office Manager and help with the nuts & bolts of administration. Needless to say, it's a wonderful privilege to work with a staffing team that loves the Lord, and also a lot of fun with mixing in some very unique personalities!

One of the things I appreciate about our church is the commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the many ministries that demonstrate the love of God to others. For the past several years I've been connected with Restoring Hope Ministries, which was birthed right here at Cornerstone. Currently our focus with RHM is to help restore, train, and sustain our brothers & sisters in Dungu, DRC. My involvement has primarily been with raising funds and awareness by participating in the annual RHM Bike Tour. It's an amazing experience and adventure, and I've been blessed by this incredible opportunity!

I hope you visit us SOON and come to one of our services. Looking forward to meeting you!