Kira Buxton

Social Media Director

My name is Kira Buxton, and I grew up with my parents and two younger brothers in the woods of Holland Township and Frenchtown, New Jersey. I spent most of my time exploring the Delaware River, building rope swings, fly fishing, bike riding, foraging for edible plants, and finding other ways to be outside and stay covered in dirt with the people I love. 

I began attending Cornerstone in the spring of 2017, and have since been blessed with the opportunity to serve in a volunteer staff position as Social Media Director. This involves setting the course for our church’s online presence by developing thoughtful, engaging, and visually pleasing content to match our Christ-centered messages and ministries. 

God has given me a deep passion for articulating His truth through writing, artwork, public speaking, and fostering relationships. My joy in life is to serve Him through these outlets, and I love helping to empower others to engage with God’s Word, walk in Biblical integrity, and utilize their talents in a way that gives Him glory, especially in the secular sphere.

Over the last five years He has given me a diverse list of career opportunities, from being a radio producer, press photographer, and news anchor for New Jersey’s most-listened-to talk station, to handling biotech investor relations matters on Wall Street, making kombucha and other fermented foods for a living, and now overseeing an orchard and hard cider production in Hunterdon County. But while my title has often changed, the same joyous goal remains to undergird everything: I am alive to make disciples of Jesus, and to praise His name!

As I serve in my role at Cornerstone, I pray we’ll be able to partner together to leverage the tools and skills God has given us within the body of Christ to accomplish this goal with creativity, love, and excellence.